Jenks, Oklahoma

Tulsa Dryer Vent Cleaning
Specializing in chimney inspections, chimney repairs, chimney cleanings, and dryer vent services, Ashes Away has served many communities in Jenks, Oklahoma, for more than 30 years. With our certified professionals and expert techniques, you can trust us to service your chimney and dryer reliably and without breaking the bank.

Chimney Cleanings

It’s important to keep your chimney in optimal condition — keeping your family safe and allowing your peace of mind. Did you know the Chimney Safety Institute of America encourages homeowners to get a chimney cleaning once a year? Ashes Away is eager to serve all your chimney needs in Jenks!

Dryer Vent Cleanings

With a no-mess guarantee, our technicians come equipped with the appropriate tools and expertise to get the job done, without upselling. If you find yourself frustrated with how long it takes to dry a load of laundry or if your dryer is accumulating ample amounts of lint, then it’s time to give Ashes Away a call. Our certified technicians come equipped with the needed expertise to remove the built-up deposits from your dryer vent promptly, professionally, and without leaving your home in a mess.
Tulsa Furnace Repair
Chimney Cleaning in Tulsa

Chimney Repairs & Chimney Inspections

Chimneys regularly deal with tough conditions that result in deterioration. These chimney conditions include exposure to exterior elements, drastic weather changes, and contact with wildlife. Ashes Away is familiar with each and every chimney condition and ready to provide unmatchable chimney services. Our technicians can handle any chimney project thoroughly and without high costs. With our satisfaction guarantee, Ashes Away professionals are prepared with the proper tools and skill set to safely and effectively inspect your chimney.

Are you in Jenks and need a chimney cap install, chimney crown maintenance, chimney relining, chimney inspection, or other chimney repairs? Ashes Away is here to help — with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We are committed to offering the highest level of craftsmanship and services.

Ashes Away provides services that are not only affordable but also trustworthy. Ready to schedule your appointment? Call us today at 918.361.4929!

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